Two for two

I have a blacklight and a sheet set up outside my apartment to (hopefully!!!) get my hands on some female Acronicta.
My neighbor’s cat, Sid, has been helping me.

And here I am, on my third night of staying up too late (I usually get to bed around 10:30), with no luck so far.
It’s not like there has been a lack of insect visitors, though.
I have an extension cord running outside, so my screen door cannot close all the way… meaning I am collecting an interesting assortment of invertebrate life in my apartment. Mostly tiny flies and moths freaking out around my ceiling lights. Luckily the mosquitoes have refrained from joining the party.

There are some neat things outside, too. Very pretty arctiids, geometrids, pyralids, notodontids… and of course an assortment of beetles, flies, caddisflies, mayflies, and spiders.

And then… the luna moths.
That’s right, in two nights, I’ve attracted two lunas!
The first one, I didn’t get a picture of until the next morning. I was so tempted to keep him… but I figured such a studly moth deserves to go out and find a mate.And then this morning I discovered this pretty lady on the stone wall just a few feet away from my sheet. I hope she goes off to lay a lot of eggs! I have enough of my own, as you’ll see soon… (excuse my hair, I had just washed it)I wonder if I’ll get another tonight?
*sips beer, waits*

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  1. Oh, she’s a beauty!! Love your new blog. Am looking forward to learning lots of new things!

  2. Your smart, like bugs AND your Beautiful? Holy Moley……

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