Eating machines

I went to check on my Actias luna caterpillars… and found them to be a little hungry.
They sure know how to eat!

And look at those adorable little faces…I have not been keeping track of instars on these, as they are not part of my research. I’m keeping them just for fun, and to hopefully give them a head-start if they’re released – the adult was collected in another state, so I don’t want to release them here, so we might mail some back! I’m not sure if I can keep up with their demand for food as they get bigger, though. The last round of stragglers hatched, and I’m up to 105! If anyone at/near UConn wants some caterpillars to raise, please let me know and stop by. They would be great as a summer camp or classroom demonstration, as long as you have some black gum or hickory plants nearby. You’ll have to kill the adults, though, as we don’t want to mess with the population by bringing in genetic material from another part of the country. The kids won’t have to know!

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