On the nose

That’s where this ornery little garter snake bit me. On my nose. That’s what I get for holding it up to my face to get a better look and talk to it, I guess.

“Awwww, you’re a cute little snake, aren’t you!”

Look at that mischievous grin.

This Thamnophis sirtalis was about 12″ long, with teeth not big enough to break my skin. When I caught him (with one hand, not wanting to put down my beer) he musked me twice. Then I got the startling bite (he also attacked the camera a few times), but eventually he calmed down and we hung out for a while.

I simply adore snakes, maybe I will write a post about my babies sometime (I have a ball python, corn snake, and kenyan sand boa). I know, I know, I’m an invert person, but I have enough love to spare for all the scaly and slimy and chiton-y creatures of the world!

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  1. Great photo of a T. sirtalis, they are one of my favorite snakes. I own two and have one for observation. They display such amazing variability in coloration.

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