Acronicta lithospila

A. lithospila is one species unfortunately hit by the sickness that swept through my lots in the past couple weeks. Only a few species were affected, but they were some of my favorites. Just look how pretty this one was (last one, just passed away last night).

I decided to make a plush version to keep as another lab mascot (we already have a plush Euclea obliqua caterpillar and  a plush Hemerophila diva adult hanging around the bookshelves).

I tried to give it the characteristic humped resting pose. Unfortunately I could not muster the courage to sew dozens of little reddish brown spots on the head and scattered along the body. I think I will add some details with sharpies tonight, though. At least it has a cute face!

Guarding my babies.

I’m hoping to find the time and motivation to make plush versions of all the Acronicta species I am working with. They may or may not be offered for sale in my Etsy shop depending on how attached I get.

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