Vote for the insect!

The WWF is holding a photography contest, with the grand prize being a trip to photograph polar bears in Canada. There are three categories: Wildlife, Wild Places, and People Connecting with Nature. I submitted a bunch of photos during the submission phase, just as a way to waste 10 minutes.

Nearly 10,000 photos were submitted. 50 were chosen by a panel of judges to be finalists in each category.

Guess who snuck one into the wildlife category!

This is a photo I took during my trip to Ecuador in January. One of the less exciting insects, but I spent about 5 minutes photographing this pretty paper wasp guarding her nest under a leaf. I loved the way the light shone through, and of course those shades of green are my favorite colors. Apparently the judges appreciated the moment I captured, and it’s the only insect photo in the wildlife category!

So if you feel so inclined, vote for me and “like” the photo on facebook! I know I don’t stand much of a chance against tigers and bear cubs and sharks, but it’s worth a shot, right?

CLICK HERE to vote for my photo!

You have to sign up on the upper right hand side of the page. They ask for lots of info in order for you to enter into a raffle to win a reusable mug, but as long as you keep un-checking the ‘sign me up for emails’ link, you won’t get any spam.

If that link doesn’t work, go to the main gallery and search “Brigette” in the search bar.

You can vote once per day, and every day you have a chance at winning a mug.

Thanks for your support! If you don’t feel like signing up to vote, you can always pass on the link or just tell me how a cute wasp should beat out all those mammals.


(Oh, and the U2 concert was amazing, I’m glad I didn’t get bogged down by my grumpy pants and drove up to Montreal to see my friends. Some of my early instar caterpillars kicked the bucket over the weekend, but that’s to be expected early on, overall they did well. Lots of caterpillar photos and stories to share soon!)

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  1. Congratulations, that’s a huge accomplishment! Unfortunately it seems only US residents can vote otherwise you’d have my vote for sure. Good luck!

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