Back from Arizona

Whew… what a trip! I learned a lot at the Lep Course and had a ton of fun.

I’ll write of our adventures and put up photos as soon as I can get myself organized.

In other news, the last of my first brood of Acronicta have pupated… but I got a few hundred eggs/hatchlings in the mail this week (and more are on the way!)… so it looks like the Arizona trip was my only “break” from caterpillar rearing. These guys will keep me busy well into the semester. Which I’m trying to not think about too much – I’m taking Systematics, Evolutionary Developmental Biology, a systematics seminar, and I am teaching 4 lab sections of intro bio for non-majors. And of course, starting more serious analysis of specimens for my research.

I’m not satisfied unless I have a million things to do and not enough time to do them all!

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