When I grow up…

… I want to be an entomologist!

I gave a seminar talk for my department last night, and that was my title. It was supposed to be a brief overview (like 20mins) of my interest in science, what I’ve done at grad school so far, and what my research goals are. I rambled on for like 40 minutes, haha, I was told it was entertaining but I hope no one got too antsy!  I could have easily talked for an hour or two. I really enjoy public speaking and want to get as much practice as I can.

This is the photo I opened up with. It’s one of my favorites. My indoctrination started early!

I think I still have that butterfly net in my parents’ garage somewhere.

In other news, my life continues to get crazier with research and schoolwork and teaching and trying to see my boyfriend for a few minutes once in a while. My caterpillar work is relegated to working with preserved specimens – all of mine have pupated or preserved, woohoo! Lots of organization to do (typing/printing labels, transcribing my notes into something coherent, editing and organizing photos) and now I’ve got term papers to start thinking about as well. Luckily the two I have to write will be about some aspect of my own research (one is for systematics, and the other is for evo devo). I’ll do my best to throw some interesting content in this direction when I get the chance!

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  1. I’ve written a book about a female entomologist (the protagonist’s foil, if you like). This picture is pretty much as I imagined her as a girl — there’s a scene in the book about her growing up chasing bugs round the house etc.

    It would have been really great to have seen this blog before I wrote the book! But you can’t research for ever!

    Very interesting stuff.

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