A non-arthropod pet

I would like you to meet Petunia, my newly adopted dutch rabbit!

She is about 2 years old, litter trained, friendly and super snuggley. I can hardly believe my luck! Photos hardly do her justice, so here is a quick video:

I have been wanting a rabbit since I moved here, but was waiting for the right one. I didn’t want to buy from a pet store, so I kept my eye on craigslist and some shelter websites. I found Petunia (formerly named Bun Bun) through a listing on craigslist. I am glad I was able to help out a family who no longer had the time to care for her. I went from emailing a response to the ad, to having a rabbit in my arms a few hours later. She came with a cage, food, and litter pan – I went to a pet store last night to pick up more of the basics and some treats. What a whirlwind of a day.

Some experiences from her first night home:
– I clipped her nails without any struggle. She calmly sat on my lap as I picked up each paw.
– We took a nap laying next to each other on the couch.
– She licked my hands.

Since I am still technically on my winter break, I’m taking the day off to let her roam the apartment under my supervision. So far she is good about using her litter box and hasn’t tried chewing anything.

She is a much more interactive pet than my cockroaches.


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  1. Sweet little bunny! So glad you decided to adopt her from a family, than from a pet store. I love your couch by the way! Great colour!!

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