This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

This is what a scientist looks like is really cool concept, and my post is up!
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In case you haven’t heard, I’m into crossfit. I started at Crossfit Storrs last August, and I go 4 or 5 days a week. This photo is from a small competition in December during the strength portion: cleans, push press, and overhead squats with 95 pounds (it was my first time trying 95, my previous best before that was 65). I have a long ways to go with my strength training, but I love it. My favorite portion had running, jumps, knees to elbows, weighted pull ups, wall balls, and kettlebell snatches.

Crossfit keeps me sane and gives me an outlet for my frustration after a day of classes, seminars, and teaching intro biology labs. I am going to participate in the Crossfit Games Open, and am training to prepare for the Beast of the East in October.

And hey, it keeps me in shape for field work.

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  1. Hey now, don’t forget to mention your genetic predisposition for all things athletic!

  2. Sorry but this picture blew my mind.

    How old are you? and if it is not rude to ask, how much do you weigh? If it is I retract the latter question. 95 lbs sounds like a respectable weight to be lifting over your head like that, and if you plan to keep at it I’d like to offer my encouragement. There is something surreal about the photo. Such a demure figure exhibiting such a feat of strength.

    I just started a fitness regiment, but as it’s end goal is to ace those military fitness tests and not having a trainer all routines are purely body resistance. The concept of weighted pull-ups sounds daunting, pull ups prove challenging enough for me. Keep up the good work!

    • Haha thanks! I’m 23 and about 115/120… that was the first time I had ever tried lifting 95 pounds, my previous best before that competition was 65!

      I surprise myself pretty often… I can deadlift 255, up until I tried I never would have guessed a number that high.

  3. Do you find your caterpillar mustache gets you more street cred in the gym?

  4. Hi!

    I am a translator and I know/have known many scientists and I’m glad my mind erased the stereotype long ago.

    But I’m pretty sure fell in love with you.

    If you’re ever in Chile, let me know. Best case scenario, you get to know a beautiful country and meet the hottest, sexier and more deeply caring love of your life. Worst case scenario, you have a glass of natural juice with a non-monstrous Chilean who speaks English fluently.

  5. Oh, that’s beautiful! Although I have to say that I usually get hit on by lots of guys, so if you and your boyfriend ever come to Chile, be careful who he looks at… not that I’d be interested at all, btw.

    But seriously, that picture was breathtaking. Enjoy your love! 😉

    And here’s a reason to visit this country:

  6. Sweet photo, awesome blog, and good luck in the open! I’ll be watching for you on the scoreboard.

    I know a couple of science types into CrossFit, including myself: it’s always fun finding that connection where you least expect it.

  7. How fortunate! I accidentally stumbled onto your blog searching for design references at work. Anyhow, have you ever done anything like muay thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Just a thought that you might find that fun too!

    • My problem is I am delicate! I bruise easily and really hate bumping into people. I tried kickboxing for a few months and couldn’t stick with it. With crossfit I don’t have to interact with much except the weights and the floor, it’s perfect.

      • I can understand that. Nothing’s for everyone. Somehow, I’m okay with kickboxing but just looking at your photo of the press is telescoping my spine. Have fun at the Open. Dig the blog!!!

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