Smart bunny

I’ve had my rabbit Rascal for over a month now, and he has turned out to be quite a character. I’ll try to not overload this blog with posts about my bunny, but you can  follow his antics on my Flickr page.

He is quite a smart bunny. I decided that clicker training would be a great way for us to bond and interact without invading his space too much – he still doesn’t really like to be touch or picked up. There are a few moments throughout the day where he submits to petting or wants to do tricks, and the rest of the day he runs around or relaxes and looks adorable.

He knows five tricks now. He comes to his name, “up”, “spin” (his favorite), “kiss”, and “paw”.
When he really wants a treat he will spin in a circle and look at me, without a command, because he knows he gets rewarded.

Here he is doing all of them.

We are going to start high jumping and agility training soon, I just need to start building some equipment.

This is a real thing, I swear! Rabbit jumping is more popular in Europe, but there are some clubs in the US as well. Even if we never try to compete, I think it will be a lot of fun (if you still don’t believe me, look it up on youtube!).

In other news, I’m getting a few more emergences, and have a protocol in place now for collecting DNA samples and pinning/spreading the moths. Exciting 🙂

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