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At the sheet

Here are some of my favorite shots from blacklighting last night.

Moths and other insects swarming around the light.

A pretty golden eyed lacewing (family Chrysopidae)- I haven’t seen one of these insects in a while.

A cute little mantisfly (family Mantispidae)! I love these guys. Who can resist those mischievous eyes and raptorial forelegs?

I called this moth the “fuzzy monster”. I’m having a hard time identifying this one, since I only got a shot of the legs and not the tops of the wings. Any guesses?

Insects are yummy

Especially to spiders!

This is the goldenrod crab spider, Misumena vatia, with what appears to be a June beetle in the genus Maladera or Serica.

And a beautiful nursery web spider in the genus Pisaurina, with a beat-up moth I couldn’t ID.

I went blacklighting last night with a group of entomologists, looking for more Acronicta females. I got a few, as well as some males of Acronictinae species I had never caught before – so that was exciting. And of course, I wandered off to explore the insect life in the woods at night. These two spiders were caught in the midst of dinner – we tried to photograph them without disturbing them too much. The second one was close to the sheet, taking advantage of the fact that we had attracted so many moths.

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