I survived

I’m back! Hurray!

I have about a million things to talk about, so I’ll spend the next couple weeks trying to catch up on the last few months.

Here are some important updates, in no particular order, all of which will be explained in later posts…

1. I passed my general (oral) exam for my PhD.
2. I adopted another rabbit.
3. My boyfriend moved in with me.
4. Somehow managed to grade the entomology student collections.
5. Actually had a relaxing break at home and in the Bahamas.
6. Visit to the Cornell entomology collection.
7. Started sewing again.
8. At one point, all the guys in the lab grew a mustache.
9. Read “Stranger in a Strange Land” – first fiction book I’ve read in years.
10. Started a daily burpee challenge.

I’m really excited for this semester – less intense TA position, no “real” classes (just seminars and projects). But lots of research and fun work, like working on my illustrations and curating the teaching entomology collection. Trying to get two papers submitted soon. Fingers crossed that I get more publishable work done this semester.

Meanwhile, enjoy this caterpillar on a stick.


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  1. I am intrigued. A burpee challenge. As in the seeds, or what happens when you drink too much Pepsi?

    Congrats on all the huge milestones!

  2. Burpees as in the exercise – lay down on your stomach, then do a push up, and jump into the air. I’ll explain more in another post – today is day #155!

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