Artistic insect collections

I created this treasury on Etsy today, with works of art that feature collections of insects. Some are originals, prints, photographs, there’s even a t-shirt! Click the image below to go to the treasury and investigate individual listings.


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    • Yes that shop is awesome! I’ve been coveting so many things by her. For this treasury I picked artwork that didn’t actually include insects, but I’m going to make another soon that does have them. Spending time checking to see if the shops divulge their sources, because I won’t buy from a shop unless they say where/how the insects were collected or raised.

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed skimming through your blog, and will definitely read more when I get a chance. I’m also interested in caterpillars – I focus on silk-producing species, with an eye toward textiles – my website at has a lot more info.

    Not on Etsy, but this shirt: has really been fun – it’s definitely one of those “let your freak flag fly” type things. Whenever I wear it out somewhere, I inevitably end up in a conversation with someone about insects.

    • I’ve come across your website before and think it’s great! Glad you’ve been enjoying mine. Now that it’s getting warmer around here, there will be lots more to talk about 🙂

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