Lab shirts

We are so excited for the next pool throwdown against our rival entomology lab (well, it’s a friendly rivalry) after this month’s Connecticut Entomological Society meeting. We’ve got our own lab shirts, now.


I designed the shirts after a brainstorming session with the lab. We decided on a caterpillar, playing pool, wearing a cowboy hat. We were thinking of including a mustache but thought that would be a bit too much. The caterpillar species is Acronicta increta (indeed I couldn’t help but include one of my own study species).

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  1. I wish I was in grad school! Enjoy!

  2. You know I love shirts! Of course, I would have to cut off the sleeves to make them effective for tennis!

  3. Hi, I’m from Puebla mex and I found a caterpillar but I don’t know what type it is and don’t know what to feed him. I’ve tried almost everything and he won’t eat.
    I was wondering if I can send u a pic.
    It’s mostly pink/red with banded black and small white lines. No tail and no “fur”

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