We’re back!

Ben and I are back from our Texas adventure – and what an adventure it was.

IMG_0005I have lot of photos to sort and lots of stories to tell. Hopefully I’ll get Ben to help with some of the posts.

Summary: we didn’t get the rare species I was looking for, but we got lots of other goodies and met some amazing people.

I also have some grand plans to separate my caterpillar life from my sewing/weirdbuglady life. I want to make separate flickr accounts, deviantart accounts, twitter, etc. I feel like I should make my presence less of a mish-mash of everything in my life, and organize into the two main camps: research vs. art. There will be overlap at times, sure, but I’m going to try my best. So… we’ll see how that goes.

I’m going blacklighting and gas-station hopping tonight, so I’ll get started with Texas posts tomorrow!

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  1. So as not to have separation anxiety in my life, I went for the combo of art and science/research: Dentistry.

  2. I decided not to separate anything – I am a scientist, teacher, crafty person and I do so much stuff that it simply cannot be separated. I even had a problem with “tidying up” in my blog tags, I wanted everything to be nice, but it cannot be done.. So – good luck with that 😀

    • Yeah it’s a grand plan, not sure if it will really happen, but we’ll see! Mostly I want my weirdbuglady business to be able to thrive on its own as a brand without being bombarded with bunny pictures and caterpillar pictures on flickr and twitter – develop an air of being a professional. But I’m not in a big hurry 😛

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