Weird Bug Lady

DISCLAIMER: I AM UNFORTUNATELY NO LONGER RUNNING MY SEWING BUSINESS DUE TO OTHER LIFE PRIORITIES (LIKE, YOU KNOW, GRAD SCHOOL). Feel free to check out my past work, but please do not contact me for custom requests, I cannot take them!

Did you know that I make plushies?

Everything in my shop is my own creation from start to finish. I specialize in creating plush interpretations of insects and other invertebrates, the creatures most often overlooked. While I may make the same organism more than once, I have no patterns.

I love custom orders, and I tailor my talents toward assisting graduate students, professors, and general nature enthusiasts in acquiring the plush version of their favorite unusual animal.

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Ryerson Lab

Functional Morphology, Sensory Biology, Behavior, Biomechanics

I spell it nature

Trying to make sense of the world through science and language.

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