Arizona 2010

For two weeks in August 2010, I joined my advisor on a collecting trip to Arizona. Our home base was the Southwestern Research Station in the town of Portal, nestled in Cave Creek Canyon. I had actually been there the year before, a short stop during McGill’s Desert Ecology field course.

This trip was a wonderful experience full of amazing creatures. I helped collect caterpillars and adult moths for my advisor and the group, and created a small collection for myself. I also helped care for and photograph the caterpillars in the lab, several hundred of them!

The highlight of the trip for me was not lepidoptera related, though. There were vinegaroons everywhere, one of my favorite animals of all time. I caught one and brought him back with me, keeping him as a pet. Stanley is a funny little animal.

To learn more about my adventures on this trip, check out my flickr gallery and posts on my old blog. If you would like to comment, please do so here instead of on my old blog. Thanks and enjoy!

Arizona 2010

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